Here’s to 17 years together Nanoo. We will always miss you.

Nanoo and Clement enjoying some cuddle time

Our cat Nanoo died last Friday June 15th, 2012 of old age.

Nanoo was chosen for me by a friend’s sister. He was only six weeks old and so delicate. We quickly became the best of friends. As my mum likes to say,” he was a one woman cat”. With a feral cry, he hunted and roamed the neighbourhood every night bringing back gifts of birds and mice. He howled many a night to be let back home, and drove many neighbours mad. Once we couldn’t find him for two days and as I sat on our patio in the middle of the night I heard a faint cry. He was trapped under the stairs of the next door house. With tears of relief we rescued him from a slow death.

In his old age he had to be kept inside, but he still enjoyed pouncing on toes and napping in the sunniest spot. He had a lion’s face and the most beautiful eyes. Never a lap cat, he was his own cat and was very social. Clement and Nanoo nurtured a challenging relationship. Nanoo wasn’t interested in children, but they both learned to love each other as we do in a family.

He is buried in a mossy forest on the north shore where we sometimes hunt for mushrooms. Our hearts are heavy and we miss his 4am cries for water. For 17 years we together and for that I am grateful.


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