Hello Glasgow!


Clement and I in front of the Kelvinhall Gallery

Corin and Luke’s Glasgow palace

I spent a very strange 2 weeks getting to know this place alone and it was all very dream like and so different from home…but staying at this amazing flat made it a bit easier to cope. Yannick and Clement arrived last Wednesday and my life is considerably more fun. We’ve been to an Olympic woman’s football game. France vs Sweden. France won. Ate at a chip shop and almost went straight into cardiac arrest. This morning we went to a huge car boot sale. Folks just drive up, open up their trunk and start selling what ever stuff they have in there. We all found some treasures. Yannick got some silverware for the dinner table, Clement scored 4 little airplanes and I found a vintage bunny painting. There was even a meat auction happening…matresses, dog food, vegetables, bikes…

We are all looking forward to moving into our own place next week. Email me for the address. Mail is always warmly welcomed. xoxoh