Some things I love about Scotland

Being called “hen”

Listening to British 80’s music on the radio. Were talking New Order at 7:30 in the morning followed by early Duran Duran and I am currently listening to the Cure. It’s fantastic!

All the donuts, shortbreads, cookies and treats that go along with cups of tea. In general food is way less expensive here.

There are some amazing parks. Did you ever see Downton Abbey? There’s a park and home just like it near our house.

Cycling even though I curse every time because I have to do it on the left side of the road. Why? It’s not right.

All the uniformed children. That was one import to India that I loved.

Pollok house


1 thought on “Some things I love about Scotland

  1. Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!
    Heather I enjoyed all of your pics, especially the lad with his kilt on. Does he have any mair Glasgae words yet?
    I miss you all but am so happy that I saw you in November.
    Love Auntie J

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