The Glasgow School of Art


Masako Morioka – note the built in bouquet of heather on her sleeve!

Well, it’s my turn now. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The tutors and staff have all been very friendly and supportive. There are 10 of us in my program, 8 of us are foreign.(from China, Taiwan, Greece, Bulgaria and Canada) We’ve begun the research part of the program so I’ve been in libraries and galleries all over town.

Yesterday our group helped out with the graduation show of students from 2011/12. There was some really inspiring work.:digital printing, tyvek and potatoe sack fabrics, painting and drawing work. I’m looking forward to a challenging, creative and stimulating 12 months. Here’s to new beginings…and to a few friends back in Vancouver who are embarking on new beginnings too. You know who you are and I wish you luck, love and strength. H

Alison Jordan, a fellow Canadian



A brother and a sister. Uncle Stanley and auntie Ann.
My uncle Stanley had this taped to the kitchen cupboard for me!
The beach in Portessie
Auntie Jean, cousin Lynne, Clement and me

We spent a beautiful weekend visiting family in Portessie. The trip took six hours of train and bus travel to the north coast. It was our warmest and sunniest day here. My cousin Lynne was a great host and drove us around. So quiet and open, I loved seeing the sea expanse and breathing the fresh air. Clement especially loved the beaches and wished that we could move in with auntie Jean and uncle Willie. Yannick is determined to return for some mushroom hunting. We heard the Chanterelles are plentiful here. I didn’t have time to visit the local cemetery and my grandparents graveside. Next time.

Our house, in the middle of the street

Do you remember that Madness song from the eighties? Some folks have been asking about our house. What’s it like? It’s so different from Vancouver, where do I start? It’s a tenement flat built about 100 years ago. The ceilings are about 12 feet high. Every room has a door to keep the heat inside. It’s  2 bedrooms on the top floor with an unusually large entrance hallway. From Clement’s room you can almost see the train station and Pollok Football Club stadium. And the pub across the street can get a bit loud on the weekends. Our bedroom is on the street side and it’s pretty quiet. We are close to 2 very large parks.

My first visitor from home!

Pollok was the largest park in Europe before they cut a highway thru it. We absolutely love this park. Every time we visit we go somewhere new. The other day Yannick spotted oyster mushrooms up a tree. He tried tying his opinel knife to a stick to cut them but it didn’t work so well. I ended up standing on his shoulders, and Clement was catching all the falling mushrooms. They were delicious! A few days ago, Yannick and I had a picnic on a path along a river, with Highland cattle on the other side. It’s very wild and beautiful.

I had a visitor from home. The lovely Elizabeth Zvonar is on a European trip and stopped off in Glasgow for the weekend. We had a lovely time eating, walking and talking along with her friend Kate Davis.