The Glasgow School of Art


Masako Morioka – note the built in bouquet of heather on her sleeve!

Well, it’s my turn now. It feels like I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The tutors and staff have all been very friendly and supportive. There are 10 of us in my program, 8 of us are foreign.(from China, Taiwan, Greece, Bulgaria and Canada) We’ve begun the research part of the program so I’ve been in libraries and galleries all over town.

Yesterday our group helped out with the graduation show of students from 2011/12. There was some really inspiring work.:digital printing, tyvek and potatoe sack fabrics, painting and drawing work. I’m looking forward to a challenging, creative and stimulating 12 months. Here’s to new beginings…and to a few friends back in Vancouver who are embarking on new beginnings too. You know who you are and I wish you luck, love and strength. H

Alison Jordan, a fellow Canadian


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