It’s like France but Scottish

Reuben from Locavore, Yannick and Clement

This was Yannick’s first comment about Glasgow. He has started working at a large Glasgow bakery called Newlands making all kinds of Scottish fare: scotch pies, sausage rolls, breads etc. Shifts start at 4 or 5am, and he seems to be learning a lot and picking up the local dialect. When he cycles to work in the early mornings, he sees a curious fox near the bakery. I believe they are common and I only caught the sight of one’s tail at the park once. Crafty and quick they are. Yannick is a real trooper and I truly appreciate his support in moving here – especially with the punishing and incessant rain! He’s been experimenting with local flours that you can get here and he’ll be giving his first No Knead Breadmaking workshop this week at Locavore, a shop that promotes and sells locally produced veggies, hosts a community kitchen, hold workshops on cooking and baking among many other projects. It is a gem of a spot and just around the corner from our house.