Custom lunch money wallets for Clement.

my desk

a bit of this and that

dye samples

Oak bark for dyeing

In the short time that my classes have been up and running I have been really enjoying it. I was slightly intimidated when the first thoughts of returning to school at the ripe age of 41 crossed my mind. Ideas about writing formal papers were paralyzing but I think I’ve really found the right place for me – art school. In all my classes the whole approach is creative based and they believe that there are other ways of assessing learning – like by creating work. For the last few weeks I’ve been researching stuff, and by that I mean anything and everything that I find interesting, as well as foraging for plant material to dye with, foraging for non-natural materials and now I’ve begun drawing. I’m exploring black and white patterns with influences from folk art, quilting and sidewalk speckles. Having the space and time to play is SO much fun. I’m learning to see my process more closely and think about how my work is developing.


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