Things beneath my feet

making marks

I’m tripping out,



Tearing up the dance floor

Beautiful Philippa


Wine, dancing and 11pm…

Last week our friends Hugh and his two girls, Maureen and Philippa invited us to a Ceilidh (pron. kaylee), a traditional Scottish get down with live music. The kids were running wild and we were all into the wine. My auntie Joyce was visiting us and came along too. Clement was wearing his kilt. The blurry first photo captures it perfectly. Super fun.
Tonight I’m having a big Prince party. I didn’t bring any cd’s over here so thanks to Youtube I can really get into it. Thinking of my soul sister Alli, and all the times we’ve lost ourselves in the funk. He actually played on my b-day last year, and yes we were there. That’s a flame that will never go out!H