Things beneath my feet

making marks

I’m tripping out,


3 thoughts on “Things beneath my feet

  1. Hi Heather!
    Allison reminded me of your blog when we were having a cheeseburger lunch the other day. Your photos made me miss ol’ Glasgow, might have to come for a visit! Anyhoo, hope you’re well, no mushroom hunting for me here yet (maybe on Galiano next week?) but I did see some mushroom-dyed yarn at the mushroom show. They’d been made into the most amazing/bizarre sweaters.
    OK, looking forward to more posts! Sorry, this is a long comment.


    • Hi jane,

      I believe Glasgae had changed quite a bit since you were here last. I haven’t been into the night life much (suprise) but culturally it is happening. There are loads of artist centres and free going ons. Yes you should come. Take Allison’s place as she’s on a journey of another sort. Alex & Clare are coming in February. He’s in the Glasgow Film Festival.
      p.s. How’s the husband?

  2. Heather! I loved your phone call. I’m sorry I missed you. I was frightened when I first heard singing. I thought Lil Lo had tracked me down! I was relieved it was only you! 🙂 Have fun in the land of Oor Wullie!

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