Burns Day

I forgot to mention that Yannick started a Pop up Bakery at Locavore on Saturday’s. He usually sells out in a matter of hours. He’s making sourdough breads as well as cinnamon buns (they must be the only ones in Glasgow) leek tarts, onion focaccia…. Our kitchen is maxed out on Friday evenings and Saturday’s but I can’t complain, as I plan to take over with my dye pots soon. Iron baker meets dye witchcrafter or purple brioche!

Snow’s been falling but not staying. It’s just a damp cold that chills the bones. One of my greatest pleasures is slipping into bed with a hot water bottle. We’re still cycling to work & school.

I’ve had my brain squashed with Photoshop – just after learning InDesign. I’m learning lots but I’d rather be using my hands in a tactile way. I get to play with silk screens and dye next week. Super exciting.

Clement sat and listened to some Robbie Burns poems and danced a jig last Wednesday with his new thing called Woodcraft Folk. It’s a kind of social thinking awarness playgroup. Very Cortes Island. I took a  veggie haggis workshop and hope to cook one up for Alex and Clare soon.

Over and out,


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