A day at Ardrossan

A day at Ardrossan


Our very good friends Alex & Clare visited us last week. Alex was doing a workshop at the GSA and performed his film, Intertidal with the Glasgow Short Film Festival. They were here 2 years ago on a film tour and knew the city and some people already. We did our best to show them the parks and neighbourhood. With Clement beinig sick all last week, I wish we could have done more. I think we got Veggie Haggis’d out. Popped into the Quaiche pub with Clare, thrifted, and ventured to deep Partick together. They stayed at a hotel in town for the weekend and invited Clement for a sleepover. Little did they know that he snores like a trucker, and they paid the price the next day. I am SO happy they came and truly appreciate the work that it took to get here.

Alex, Clare and Clement in front of Pollok House

Alex, Clare and Clement in front of Pollok House
Sugary treats from the Barras

Sugary treats from the Barras

I was back at school last Thursday after being away for 10 days. I am spending most of my time in the print and dye lab and I love it. There are all these specialized machines for processes that I’ve never seen. I’ve been silk screening with ink, glue (for foil), playing with the heat press, cooking up dye pots, and painting with resists. I’m taking a new elective called aesthetics. It’s a brain cruncher, and I hope I can get through it without scars.
Clement’s 6th birthday is around the corner. We invited 5 friends to join us at the kiddie disco next Saturday. He’s reading now and knows 100 common words! We’ll be having Maureen and Philippa over this afternoon for a game of Bird Bingo.


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