BBC Radio 6

When I was around 14, my best friend Brian Fleming was the original brit pop kid. He was from Glasgow and had a special talent for keeping up to date with all the music from the UK in the early 1980s. He would make me mixed tapes and introduced me to Propaganda, The Cure, Kraftwerk and all the New Wave of amazing music that came out at that time. We would see all-age bands that made their way to Vancouver. He was my music education teacher, and since I’ve been in Glasgow I’ve thought a lot about Brian. Someone introduced me to BBC Radio 6 online (Shaun Keevney) and I’ve been listening to all those old tunes that I loved so long ago. To hear Echo and the Bunnymen, Craftwerk, Simple Minds, Culture club, Prince, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Nina Cherry, The Beastie Boys and Soft Cell at 8 in the morning is SO much fun. I hope you have a chance to loose yourself too.

If you happen to be in Glasgow in late August come by to see India Flint give a talk about her work at the Glasgow School of Art. It’s amazing!


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