Last days in Scotland

Yannick and Clement returned from Alsace and we spent their last days with friends. On Saturday we drove to Largs with Hugh, Maureen and Philippa and took the ferry across to the west coast island of Cumbrae. We rented bikes and cycled 10 kilometres around the island and stopped for beach exploring, chocolate bars and fish and chips along the way.

On Sunday Yannick work early to bake up a storm of treats for the afternoon farewell playdate with Clement’s friends in Pollok park. The sun came out and my sandals made their last appearance of the year. The kids ran around and played on the new wooden elephant, in the woods and playground. It was really great to see all the parents and kids again.

Yannick & Clement are now back home in Vancouver. Our phone number is the same. Please call or drop by and say hello. We have all missed our family and friends and I’m sure they would love to see you. I am still at school for the following month and return in early October.


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